When Can Baby Use a Bouncer Chair?

When Can Baby Use a Bouncer Chair
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Your newborn bundle of joy will be bring love and happiness into your home but will also bring moments of tiredness and anxiety as you struggle to keep an ever watchful and vigilant eye on the daily developments that baby is undergoing.

Already itching to be on the move and exploring their environment, a new baby is naturally inquisitive and that can be a challenge for parents. That’s where a Bouncer chair can be a real asset, a lifesaver for a parent, allowing you to have a little bit of hands-free respite from all the rocking, playing, feeding and other demanding activities and attention the new addition to your family requires.

A bouncer chair, as opposed to a door attached-style harness, is a freestanding reclined seat that you can safely and securely strap your baby into and allows baby to kick freely and get used to the joyous feeling of movement.

It should always be placed on a solid and stable floor, especially if it comes with added features like vibration as this will encourage more movement of the bouncer chair. Generally, a bouncer chair will be nice and lightweight too so very easy to transport around your home so that you can take baby and your bouncer with you wherever you go.

Bouncer Chair

Bouncers can be used for newborns right up to 18 months old (depending of course on the size and model you’ve purchased as some will have smaller maximum weight thresholds than others). Always read the individual product recommendations first and always follow the specific safety instructions to ensure that your bouncer chair is set up correctly and the safety straps all attached before you put your baby inside.

The initial purpose of a bouncer is to keep your baby safe while they are still gaining the strength and ability to sit unassisted for a period of time. In most cases, this means that your baby will get most use from the bouncer chair up to around the 6 month point.

However, a bouncer can still be a great piece of equipment to use for longer than that if you need some extended hands-free time yourself, and many bouncer seats will take a weight up to 25 to 30 pounds.As a rule of thumb, if baby is getting strong, restless and adventurous and trying to get out of the seat, it’s definitely time to move on! You don’t want your baby tipping the bouncer seat over.

Baby Bouncer Use

You can use your baby bouncer chair for lots of different occasions, especially if you choose a portable one. The bouncer gives you the option to pop baby down during the day so that you can take a quick break, maybe grabbing a much-needed shower or getting on with some of the chores around the house that unfortunately you’ve let slip a bit.

You’re only human after all and being a parent to a young baby is time consuming and demanding. Because a bouncer is light and portable, they can literally be picked up and transported with you wherever you are; that could be on the floor of the bathroom or in the utility room while you are doing the ironing.

A baby bouncer isn’t just great for you as a parent either, it provides a lovely soothing sensation for your baby too. They get to recline, visually explore their surroundings and kicking away their legs to their hearts content, enjoying the sensation and freedom that can bring. If your bouncer comes with a battery-operated vibration element too, that can also provide even more relaxation for a restless or perhaps colicky baby.

enjoyment from a bouncer

Don’t just leave baby in the bouncer once you’ve purchased one though as it’s still important to a baby’s ongoing development to balance leg strength with neck and back strength. That means your baby should still have lots of playtime on the floor in order to achieve the important formative milestones like sitting crawling and walking.

Remember too, that while a bouncer chair is a relatively safe piece of equipment to pop your precious bundle into, don’t leave baby unsupervised and don’t be tempted to just pick up the baby in the bouncer and move it. Always move your bouncer separately as it’s not been designed (unlike a removable car seat) with that function in mind.


So in general terms, you can put your newborn baby into a bouncer seat as long it’s for short periods of supervised time, but overall, you and your baby are going to get the most use and enjoyment from a bouncer chair between three to six months.

Always refer to your instruction manual and stop using your bouncer chair as soon as your baby can sit up fully unassisted, unless it’s been designed to also be used with toddlers which many of them these days are, in which case, you can continue to get use from your bouncer until baby is either too big, or just too adventurous to sit in one any more. Then the fun really begins.

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