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When Can Baby Use a Bouncer Chair?

You can use your baby bouncer chair for lots of different occasions, especially if you choose a portable one. The bouncer gives you the option to pop baby down during the day so that you can take a quick break, maybe grabbing a much-needed shower or getting on with some of the chores around the house that unfortunately you’ve let slip a bit.


At What Age do Babies Sit Unassisted?

Sitting up unassisted is just one of those and signals both to the world and to the baby the start of a new adventure and perspective on life. Sitting upright independently unveils a world of new visual and sensory delights as your baby sees things from a vertical perspective for the first time.


How Long Do Babies Use Bouncers?

Your baby will continue to love their bouncer right up to the 6- to 7-month mark when they are probably going to want to make a break for freedom. As a note of caution, always ensure that your bouncer is on a stable flat floor surface; no one wants a bouncing baby catapulting off a high surface.